It is most popular that Samsung plans to sell its

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It is said that Samsung plans to sell its PC business to Lenovo

according to the bell of South Korea station, Samsung is calibrating with China's PC giant pressure: press the "pressure" button, and "pressure" instigates Lenovo to start negotiations, planning to sell its PC business, so as to divest the Department with poor profitability. According to the bell of Korea station, Samsung is negotiating with Chinese PC giant Lenovo to sell its PC business in order to divest its less profitable department

the report said that Samsung did not hire a financial adviser in the negotiation, but invited Paul Hastings to act as a legal adviser. 3mm in Lenovo × The 0.2m nickel 80% chromium 20% resistance belt is represented by Freshfields bruckhaus deringe (this time, I will share with you the tensile test steps of the safety belt tensile testing machine; R)

the bell predicts that the transaction price will exceed 1 trillion won (about 850million US dollars). However, Samsung rarely discloses the specific revenue of its PC business

it is reported that the negotiations between the two sides have begun as early as a few months ago, but little progress has been made

the divestiture of the PC business is in line with Samsung's recent overall plan. In September this year, the company also sold its printer business to Hewlett Packard at a price of $1.05 billion. The latter transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of next year

a former Samsung executive said: considering the close relationship between PC and printer, Samsung will obviously withdraw from the PC market after selling the PC business

Lenovo is currently the largest PC manufacturer in the world

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