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China has established an anti-dumping investigation system in line with its national conditions. Wang Shichun, director of the import and Export Fair Trade Bureau of the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, said on the 5th that China has basically established an anti-dumping investigation system in line with China's national conditions after more than five years of anti-dumping legislation and practice

Wang Shichun made the above statement at the national fair trade work conference on import and export held in Dalian. He said that anti-dumping investigation is one of the trade remedies allowed by WTO rules, and the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation will protect the legitimate rights and interests of domestic industries reasonably and effectively in strict accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and departmental rules

Wang Shichun said that since the MOFTEC started the anti-dumping investigation in December 1997, by the end of May this year, the MOFTEC had filed 19 anti-dumping applications for investigation. Among them, six investigations have been finalized, and anti-dumping duties ranging from 4% to 78% have been imposed on the products under investigation, and the remaining cases are still in the investigation stage

according to reports, these 19 anti-dumping investigations involved 10 chemical products, 3 chemical fiber products, 3 steel products, 2 paper products and 1 light industrial product, involving an amount of about 5.2 billion US dollars

however, Wang Shichun also said that China has become the biggest victim of anti-dumping and safeguard measures. By the end of April this year, 32 countries and regions had launched 494 anti-dumping and safeguard measures investigations on China's export products, including 467 anti-dumping investigations and 27 safeguard measures investigations, involving more than 4000 Chinese goods, affecting China's export trade of more than 15 billion US dollars. The Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation shortened the thermomechanical process of high molecular material processing in January last year, and set up a separate import and Export Fair Trade Bureau in November. This meeting is the first national meeting held by the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation on import and Export Fair Trade in recent years with the development of domestic experimental technology

Wang Shichun said that China has always opposed the abuse of anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures by other trading partners. When conducting anti-dumping investigations on imported products, China will strengthen administration according to law, improve the transparency of the investigation work, and make its work comply with the requirements of multilateral rules in terms of entities and procedures

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