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It is reported that India is considering requiring social networking and e-commerce user data to be stored in the local data center

media reports that the Indian government is preparing the Xianzi business management act, which will require the user data of IOT, e-commerce and social networking sites to be stored in China, and also give the Indian government access to domestic data based on national security and public policy needs

the Indian government is drafting an e-commerce company management act, which will stipulate that social networking and e-commerce businesses must store customer data in China, which will directly affect international businesses such as Facebook and Amazon

the report quoted the draft e-commerce policy proposed by the Indian Ministry of Commerce. All community data collected by IOT devices in public space and Indian user data generated by e-commerce platforms, social networking sites, search engines and other sources must be stored in China. In addition, the draft stipulates that with the consent of consumers, data generated by consumers can be transferred between different platforms in India

this draft document, entitled "national policy of not only wearing and scratching the surface of some parts", was formulated by a think tank under the Ministry of Commerce, which aims to require important personal information of Indian people, such as the printing of data reports, to be processed in China

although this draft seems to protect consumer privacy, the policy proposes that the government has the right to access data stored in China for national security and public policy purposes. The draft also points out that relevant enterprises will be given two years to respond before the bill goes on the road

these proposals have aroused criticism from the advocates of the national network. They have gone beyond the benefits of doing so. In addition to extending the service life, they can also reduce the scope of test errors. E-commerce involves the data storage of all network companies in India, including Facebook, twitter, Amazon, Google, Microsoft Bing and other companies, and may also be in the absence of legalization of government monitoring and data access, Lead to the invasion of people's privacy

this law needs to be voted by the Indian Parliament. If it is approved, India will become another country outside China that forces the data of network services to be stored in local data centers. Under Chinese regulations, apple transferred icloud to Guizhou, a Chinese ISP, for operation on cloud at the beginning of this year. With the cooperation of the latter and Chinatelecom this month, Chinese iPhone user data will be stored in Chinatelecom's data center. Microsoft co operates with local ISPs, and Amazon also sells its AWS data center to local operators

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