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When it is warm and cold at first, the price of base paper is the most difficult to rise.

the peak season of this year is like a cold winter. The fourth quarter was supposed to be the peak season of the paper industry, but it has not flourished for various reasons. The upper and lower chain enterprises of the paper industry are on pins and needles, as anxious as ants on a hot pot. From the end of May this year to the present, the prices of all kinds of packaging paper products have continued to fluctuate downward. Recently, driven by the boom of the National Day holiday, the price of base paper has changed again

from November 12, Dongguan Nine Dragons increased by 50/ton, Shanying Fumai pole construction base base base paper increased by 100/ton, and Shuangzhou increased by another 100. During the double 11, all paper mills sent price increase letters one after another:

we have been holding back for more than half a year. Do we have to raise the price a little to prepare for the year-end turnover

Liansheng paper and a leading paper enterprise in the Pearl River Delta respectively said that from November 12, they would raise the price of some paper products/ton finally

a leading paper enterprise in the Pearl River Delta: from November 12, except for Niuka, tile paper, white faced Niuka, coated Niuka and whiteboard, all increased by 50/ton

Fujian Liansheng Paper Co., Ltd.: due to the shortage of waste paper raw materials and the rise of external waste costs, due to the impact of comprehensive factors such as operating pressure and production costs, it is decided through research that the t-paper, Sequoia and yew Kraft linerboard produced by the company will be increased by 100/ton on the basis of the original price from November 12, 2018

in fact, as early as the beginning of November, the Pearl River Delta base paper market has shown signs of rising prices. The paperboard factories in Guangdong took the lead in perceiving the changes in the base paper price and announced that the paperboard price had increased

Dongguan Renxing paper products Co., Ltd.: due to the recent rise in the price of raw materials and the sharp increase in production costs, after the research of the company's leadership and various considerations, it is decided that the paper model will be MWD ⑴ 0 from November 10, 2018, and the quotation of microcomputer controlled (fully automatic) wood-based panel universal experimental machine will be increased by 3% on the basis of the company's November 1, 2018 price

Foshan jinli'ao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.: due to the recent rise in raw material prices and the sharp increase in production costs, the company's leadership has decided to increase the cardboard quotation by 3% on the basis of the company's price on November 5, 2018 from November 10, 2018

whether this wavelet price rise can arouse a stagnant water in the paper market remains to be verified. Judging from the current situation, it may be difficult to implement this price rise

some people in the industry analyzed the internal logic of this price rise:

1. The waste paper market for several consecutive days this week raised the atmosphere of psychological expectations

2. The double effect of continuous price decline and shutdown in the early period of about one month has led to the reduction of paper mill inventory, which has the objective space basis and production capacity basis for speculation and price rise

3. The production demand of double 11 orders has led to a wave of small positive spring to establish an evaluation mechanism to promote the development of new material industry

the week beginning on November 12 is the end of the national e-commerce carnival. This year's double 11 is somewhat different from previous years, which shows that businesses are very active and even more active than in previous years, but compared with businesses, consumers are not enthusiastic. This year, the introduction of the e-commerce law has greatly reduced the traditional double 11 gimmicks. The platform dare not force the seller to choose one from the other, the seller dare not raise the price first and then reduce the price, and the "Dongge" is extremely low-key and does not take the initiative to pick topics, creating the overall impression that this year's double 11 is not hot

it is precisely because the early period of this year's double 11 is not hot that sellers dare not prepare a large number of goods, which does not drive the market of cartons in October. However, according to the double 11 platform rules, as long as the order on the day of double 11 is completed within 7 days, it is not illegal. Therefore, the timing of this round of price increase in the paper mill is accurately calculated from the 12th. Because there is not much stock in the early stage, the production and delivery will start according to the actual sales volume on the 12th. The change of this production mode from the previous stock in advance to the current safe sales production will lead to a real small upsurge in the demand for the whole carton in the week from the 12th. If there is a large amount of short-term demand, the price will naturally rise

4. What echoes the double 11 is that November begins to slowly enter the peak season of consumer goods at the end of the year. If the price increase of one week can be pulled up on the 12th, the market will soon enter the end of the month stage, and a fire will burn down, forming the paper price market at the end of this year, which will turn up and become red at the end of 18 to 19 years. The upstream paper mill will not let go of this rare opportunity at the end of the year

judging from the price of base paper in recent days, although some manufacturers have increased, most paper mills are in a stable state. The main reason for this price increase is the impact of the large shutdown of paper mills and the recent joint pull driven by the double 11 craze. According to Bao, I'm afraid this wave of price increases is difficult to implement, and the previous wave of price increases of 50 has not been implemented yet

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