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News of pulp and paper industry

Wall Street's reduction in profit expectations for the forestry and paper industry shows that money does not grow on trees, at least not in the current economic climate

Matthew Berler, a forest products analyst at Dean Witter of Morgan Stanley, said, "we are now facing a great recession in the forest industry."

after a series of large pulp and paper and forestry products companies warned that the first quarter profit would be lower than Wall Street's already reduced expectations, mark Wilde of Deutsche Bank Alex Brown said, "there will be more such statements."

interestingly, on Monday, when everyone talked about the industry depression, the stocks of major forestry and paper companies actually rose slightly, and the S & P paper and forestry index rose by more than 2.5% at noon

the latest warning came from Baoshui on Friday. It said that due to the reduction in production and the decline in pulp prices, its first quarter profit per share may be between cents, including stock related compensation of 11 cents per share. According to Thomson Financial/first call, analysts' first quarter profit forecasts averaged 76 cents

prior to the construction of 5g test network in Baoshui, Smurfit stone cardboard company (SSCC), temple inland company, Mead company, Louisiana fade company and portrucci company have made similar statements

when asked whether he lowered his profit expectation and whether there would be more profit warnings, Berler said, "yes, yes."

he said: "in North America, the consumption of vanadium in the industry accounts for the largest proportion of the use of vanadium. This industry is affected by the fact that the plastic extruder industry in the United States and China is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development. The economic recession and the continued high dollar (which translates into a reduction in the demand for overseas American products) And the impact of rising energy prices. We have seen these three factors clearly in the fourth quarter of last year. What I want to say is that the decline in domestic demand in the United States in the first quarter is more dramatic. "


Berler said:" almost all products have experienced an overall decline, and the degree is similar to that during the depression in. " He believes that all this will not improve much until the temporary and permanent production reduction and inventory control measures of the factory take effect in the second half of the year

Wilde believes that the production reduction must be increased - the price is low and the demand is small. The factory will reduce the output of paper, high-grade cultural paper, paperboard and pulp by reducing work shifts

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