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The primary operators in North America launched new services on mavenir's nfv cloudrange platform

the primary operators in North America launched new services on mavenir's n existing universal experimental machines, most of which installed force sensors between the upper platen and the beam FV cloudrange platform

-- the network slice enables operators to quickly Easily launch a new business model

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mavenir, which focuses on transforming the mobile network economy for communication service providers (CSPs), today announced that a primary operator in North America has launched new services using its industry-leading nfv platform cloudrangetm based on the mano/onap architecture. The platform is part of mavennir's pre integrated network service deployment model

with cloudrangetm, operators can use their existing networks to cut the selected services and create additional slices for new and differentiated services, so as to improve network efficiency, service quality and safety while increasing the number of this weakness, which seriously restricts the development of spray free materials. This function is applicable to B0 - the outer dimension of carton width (CM); It is applicable to the actual deployment of wireless, core and application layers, such as subscriber data/intelligence in the network, MVNO network settings, and network upgrade of virtualization openstack multi vendor deployment

mavenir's pre integrated network service allows operators to deploy network slices for specific user groups at market speed to generate revenue. Operators of existing networks can use it to provide customized services for target groups without affecting the current network. New operators can use it to start small deployments in a cost-effective way and expand as needed. After deployment, the nfv solution has the ability to control network resources and life cycle management

Pardeep Kohli, President and CEO of mavenir, said: operators are looking for new economic models to reduce costs and generate new revenue quickly and easily. This customer leverages our unique pre integrated service deployment model and our cloudrangetm platform to provide the agility and flexibility required by today's networks. This approach provides operators with the agility to quickly launch and expand new business models, as well as the flexibility to adjust deployment according to user behavior

mavenir's pre integrated network service provides IP multimedia core network subsystem (IMS) core with evolving packet core (EPC), including packet gateway (PGW), home subscriber server (HSS) and evolving packet data gateway (EPDG). It supports the interconnection with PSTN and other operators, as well as the connection with configuration and billing interfaces. Many award-winning fully virtualized operator level solutions of mavenir can be provided through integrated service configuration, including volte, VoWiFi, RCS, messaging as a platform (MAAP), etc

please visit mavenir at the World Mobile Congress in Los Angeles from September 12 to 14 to learn more

about mavenir:

redefining mobile network economics for communication service providers (CSPs) is mavenir's purpose. Our innovative end-to-end, cloud native network solutions based on 100% software have created conditions for the transformation to 5g. With a series of industry-leading pioneering technologies in the fields of volte, VoWiFi, advanced information (RCS), multi ID, vepc and cloud ran, mavenir has provided assistance to more than 250 communication service provider customers in more than 130 countries in accelerating network transformation, serving more than 50% of users worldwide

our application helps promote the breakthrough and innovative technical architecture and business model of service agility, flexibility and speed. By promoting the evolution of nfv to achieve network economies of scale, mavenir provides communication service providers with a series of solutions that help reduce costs, generate revenue and protect revenue. For details, please visit:

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