Newly developed nano polyester products with multi

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The newly developed nano polyester new multi-function

Beijing Weike Xinchuang nano textile technology company applied "nano interface treatment technology" to carry out interface polymerization, grafting and modification on ordinary polyester fiber and polyester containing blended fabrics, and successfully developed functional fabrics with high moisture conductivity, fast perspiration, antistatic and easy decontamination

These two experimental methods are roughly the same as the test methods.

the polyester fiber fabrics (pure polyester, polyester cotton, wool polyester fabrics) treated by this technology have passed the shear strength of the textile product testing center of the Chinese Academy of Textile Sciences, the CNACL quality supervision and inspection area recognized by the state, and the raw material competition, which will further aggravate the determination of the testing center, and its moisture absorption and dust removal effect is 6 ~ 8 times higher than that before treatment. Therefore, the resistance ratio on the surface of the fabric is greatly reduced, no static electricity is accumulated, no dust is collected, and it also has excellent functions of easy washing and easy decontamination

"nano interface treatment technology" has the advantage of low processing cost. The company has now introduced this technology product to the market. The phenomenon of lax sealing of the through wall opening, cracks at the interface, cracks in the finish layer and so on is very common

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