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Hong Kong Publishing and printing industry's participation in large-scale international exhibitions held a press conference recently, the Hong Kong Publishing Federation and the Hong Kong Printing Industry Association jointly organized the take-off creativity - Hong Kong Publishing and printing industry's participation in large-scale international exhibitions (hereinafter referred to as the project). The conference invited Liao Yongliang, creative director of the SAR government, Zhao Guozhu, chairman of the Hong Kong Printing Industry Association, Yang Jinxi, chairman of the yongyuanrongyu and vice chairman of the project preparatory committee, Li Jiaju, director of the Hong Kong Publishing Association and chairman of the project preparatory committee, Chen Jiayang, general manager of the City University of Hong Kong Press, representative of the publishing industry, Zhu Suzhen, general manager of Xinya Culture Co., Ltd., and Liu wenbang, general manager of Hongya Printing Co., Ltd., representative of the printing industry, presided over the opening ceremony

sponsored by creative Hong Kong

this project was sponsored by creative Hong Kong. It participated in this year's Guangzhou southern Book Festival, Beijing International Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair, as well as next year's Taipei International Book Fair and bolo, Italy, and even surpassed the children's book fair in developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. By setting up Hong Kong pavilions in the five major book fairs, it exhibited outstanding books, printed matter and e-books in the Hong Kong industry, To show the creativity and achievements of Hong Kong Publishing and printing, and set up enterprise product negotiation or sales areas, so that Hong Kong Publishers and printers can directly face buyers and help them develop the market

Liao Yongliang said in his speech that the extensometer made of this structure can measure 10 minute deformation with high precision. Publishing and printing are an important part of Hong Kong's creative industry. Creative Hong Kong has been supporting take-off creative projects through the creative excellence program? The SAR government will inject an additional 300million yuan into the creative intelligence program this year. At that time, more resources will be available to support the creative industries, including the publishing and printing industries, and further consolidate Hong Kong's position as a Chinese book publishing center. In the next step, they will expand their position as a productivity publishing center and a world printing center

in his speech, Yang Jinxi said that by participating in the world-class Expo, Hong Kong Publishing and printing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have sufficient resources to participate in large-scale international book fairs alone, can display their products or services through independent booths. This project not only demonstrates the achievements of the publishing and printing industry in Hong Kong, but also provides a platform for enterprises in the industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to exchange and collect information and contact overseas buyers

Li Jiaju pointed out that the project participated in the southern Book Festival and Bologna children's Book Fair for the first time, and set up an order area or sales area at the southern Book Festival and Taipei International Book Fair for the first time. Through the ordering or sales area, readers on both sides of the Strait are expected to better understand Hong Kong Culture and creativity

after the launch ceremony, the three industry representatives shared their company's past experience in participating in the project with the participants?. They said that when participating in the Hong Kong Pavilion last year, they received a number of peer inquiries, including non Chinese publishers from India and Australia. It can be seen that the Hong Kong Pavilion is an important platform for the Hong Kong industry to go global

the conference is now inviting the industry to submit the selected exhibits of Frankfurt Book Fair and Bologna children's book fair, as well as to set up independent booths or exhibitions? The deadline for application is July 30, 2013

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