Nexen provides underground high-voltage cables for

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Nexen provides underground high-voltage cables for the German transmission system

[cable news] the German energy transformation plan has set the goal of renewable energy to meet 80% of the country's annual power demand by 2050. This requires German transmission service operators (TSOs), such as amplion, to upgrade their high-voltage (HV) power transmission networks and transmit the power generated by the northern wind farms to the main consumption areas in the south over a long distance

has played a role in this project. By providing cables, amplion can place its overhead lines on the underground Ring Road in sensitive sections of the route, and the economic operation of the industry as a whole remains stable and growing

April operates a power transmission network system of about 11000 kilometers, which can transmit power to more than 29 million people from Lower Saxony to the Alps. Although its size is 2 Some high-voltage lines of PCI bus standard include overhead lines, but in some environmentally sensitive areas, ampere is bringing this line underground

nexen has participated in the pilot part of the underground engineering project of April in leisfield, and is currently providing 31.8 kilometers of 400 kV underground high-voltage cables for a major project on the route between wesel and meppen

this 5.2km legden route consists of a 2.1km tunnel and a 3.1km pipeline. Nexen is supplying a cable for a double circuit with a copper cross-sectional area of 2500 mm2. The cable installed in the tunnel will adopt halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) sheath, and nexen will also provide steel support structure

according to the plan, nexen will be produced and delivered by the factory in charlerova at Bilin at this time, and the steel support structure will be subcontracted to a professional company. The current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry of cables is that they have low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties. The delivery is scheduled to be in July 2022 and the installation will be completed in 2023

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