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Xinsi technology upgrades its static analysis tool function

software suppliers usually use static code analysis tools to check the correctness and stability of programs. However, with the development of new programming languages and new technologies, static code analysis tools also need to keep pace with the times and improve their functions to meet the changing market needs

recently, Synopsys (nasdaq: SNPs) launched the latest version of its static analysis tool -- coverage 2018.01. This industry-leading tool analyzes source code early in the software development lifecycle to detect critical quality and safety defects. Coverage 2018.01 extends the tool's support for new programming languages, coding standards, and development to exclude tool integration from the following three aspects

coverage 2018.01 highlights:

support Scala and programming language

fully support SEI cert C coding standard rules (2016 version)

enhance Jenkins continuous integration (CI) server plug-ins, and conduct automated testing based on Devops

Andreas kuehlmann, general manager of software quality and safety department of Xinsi technology, said: in the face of increasingly serious threats, safe and high-quality software is indispensable, To help enterprises develop successfully and bring benefits to end users. At the same time, the speed and process of software development are undergoing great changes. Therefore, the tools used to detect defects and potential security vulnerabilities throughout the software development life cycle also need to be constantly evolved and upgraded. With the support of new programming languages, security coding standards and modern development tools based on product models and prototypes, new Cisco skills help enterprises expand their software product portfolio and adopt new development modes such as Devops to ensure the high quality and security of their code

coverage is the core component of Xinsi technology software quality and security platform, and has been rated as a leading application security testing solution by Gartner, Forrester, IDC and VDC authorities. New features of Coverity 2018.01 include:

extended programming language coverage: even if enterprises expand their software portfolio and adopt new languages, architectures and technologies, such as mobile and micro Cisco, which propose a new product development direction service, Coverity can also help enterprises actively build security and quality in applications. Every time a new version is released, Xinsi technology will continue to expand coverage's support for new programming languages and strengthen the security analysis of existing languages

coverage 2018.01 added support for two new languages: Scala, which is usually used for microservice based application development, and. The newly released Coverity also provides enhanced security analysis for swift, PHP, python, JavaScript, Java, c# and programming languages. With these new features, Coverity supports key programming languages for building embedded and enterprise software

support security coding standards: Coverity helps enterprises comply with coding standards and improve the security and reliability of key embedded software. With the release of the latest version, coverage 2018.01 fully supports SEI cert C (2016 version) -- the industry standard of safety coding has high accuracy and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load and displacement. In addition to cert C, Coverity also supports all versions of Misra coding standard and has passed ISO 26262 certification

integration with modern development tool chain: Coverity supports and integrates many common development tools to help achieve a fast and automated development workflow. Coverage 2018.01 provides plug-ins for the latest integrated development environments (ides), including visual studio, eclipse, IntelliJ, Android studio, and so on. In order to optimize security testing, the latest version also uses Jenkins continuous integration (CI) server to support out of the box integration. Coverity's new Jenkins plug-in further improves the Jenkins pipeline workflow framework, which can search and find problems by project, and enhances the data filtering function

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