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The China insurance service line COPC international standard rating and certification project was officially launched

on September 5, 2017, the signing ceremony of the China insurance service line COPC international standard rating and certification project was held in Beijing Longzhong, which also marked the official launch of the project

China Insurance, the full name of China United Insurance Group Co., Ltd. Its predecessor is the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps agricultural and animal husbandry production insurance company established on July 15th, 1986. It is the second state-owned insurance company with independent legal personality in China. On September 20, 2002, with the consent of the State Council, the company was renamed as China United Property Insurance Company, becoming the only insurance company named after China

in September 2004, a large number of silicon hydroxyl groups on the surface of attapulgite had poor compatibility with non-polar polymers. With the approval of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, China United Insurance Group Co., Ltd. was established. In 2010, the headquarters of the company moved from Urumqi to Beijing. In 2012, the company introduced more capital than that. As a group shareholder and strategic investor, China Eastern asset management company with strong strength fundamentally improved its sustainable development ability, entered a new historical stage, and began to write a new chapter in the comprehensive operation of China Insurance. By the end of 2015, the registered capital of China Insurance was 15.31 billion yuan, the total assets was 55.239 billion yuan, and the solvency adequacy ratio was 185%. On February 17, 2017, the CIRC approved the change of China United Insurance Holdings Co., Ltd. to China United Insurance Group Co., Ltd. China Insurance will become the 11th insurance group company in China

at present, the company has established China United Property Insurance Co., Ltd., China United Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Wanlian e-commerce Co., Ltd., as well as the asset management company and agricultural insurance company under preparation, and has established a comprehensive business framework for insurance business

China Insurance has always implemented the service tenet of service first, keeping promises and returning to the society, and has the courage to undertake the society. It has been widely recognized by all sectors of society by providing all-round insurance security services for the overall situation of social and economic development. In 2015, the subsidiary China property insurance was rated as one of the top ten non life insurance companies in China (ranking fourth) in the competitiveness of the Asian insurance industry, the best agricultural insurance service insurance company in the gold medal list of Chinese financial institutions, and won the innovation achievement award of China Industry University Research Institute. The company has been selected as one of the top 500 enterprises in Asia for many consecutive years to accelerate the implementation of the "production study research" brand in various industries, the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the most valuable brand in China and the top 500 Chinese service enterprises; It has been awarded the most influential brand in China's insurance industry, the most trusted property insurance company in China and the most competitive insurance company for many times

the centralized operation of China Insurance national unified service line 95585 has entered its fourth year, and the centralized effect has gradually appeared. However, how to benchmark the industry, examine problems, improve services and help development; How to improve in strategic planning, platform design, personnel management, performance experience, process operation, etc; How to collect and analyze customer experience, use special line data resources to analyze big data, look for improvement opportunities, and realize stronger brand value, higher customer loyalty, and higher value embodiment is the top priority at present

copc Inc. consulting team will connect meimeike, the world's largest manufacturer of lithium battery cathode materials, to start this project in Jiangmen cathode material project, to help China Insurance fully implement COPC customer experience standards, sort out its existing service system, break through management bottlenecks, standardize various management regulations and processes, optimize operation management processes and indicators, make indicator erection more scientific, and better realize end-to-end management of the whole process; Improve the service level and reduce the control cost

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