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Recrystallized glass acts as a binding agent for porous grinding wheels

strict noise limits and fuel efficiency put forward higher requirements for jet aircraft engine components. This means that higher performance grinding wheels are needed

to grind this material, a porous grinding wheel must be used. Porous grinding wheels are now used for machining turbine parts. There are two reasons: first, for large material removal rate, porous grinding wheel has better chip holding gap; 2、 The porous grinding wheel can provide more coolant for grinding contact, thus reducing friction, ensuring lower grinding temperature and reducing burns

porous grinding wheel is composed of three parts: abrasive, hole making material and binder. In the past, the limit value of the grinding wheel hole can reach 60% of the total volume of the grinding wheel at most, while the binder accounts for 15% - 20%, and the abrasive only accounts for 20% - 25%. Now, bond has become a limiting factor to further improve the performance of grinding wheel and reduce the risk of grinding burn. Although the bond is indispensable in maintaining the overall shape of the grinding wheel, it will also produce friction in cutting. Therefore, how to reduce the amount of binder as much as possible under the condition of ensuring the safety of grinding wheel is a major challenge for grinding wheel manufacturers

new binder is a kind of synthetic high-tech recrystallized glass, which has good reproducibility, can reduce its dosage to less than 10%, and bear greater load. This can not only reduce the amount of binder and reduce the risk of grinding burns, but also help to reduce the production cost due to the improvement of metal cutting rate, and further reduce the cost of diamond

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