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Recent Outlook: the epichlorohydrin market continues to remain stable

the domestic epichlorohydrin market is temporarily stable, the downstream demand is slightly light, and the transaction level has not changed significantly compared with the previous period. The quotation of the factory is stable, and the transactions are concentrated at the level of 16500 yuan/ton. I heard that the delivery price of some factories is slightly lower than 16500 yuan/ton, but it has not been confirmed by the factory. There are few traders entering the market + 1 operators, and a small amount of goods are delivered along the market. The downstream procurement is carried out as planned, and the trading volume is basically stable. In terms of devices: the 60000 T/a epichlorohydrin device in Jiangsu Yangnong has been started; The construction of other factories is a new factory for coloring and modifying plastics, which is basically normal

East China:

the market price is yuan/ton. The factory has a significant intention to stabilize the price, and the quotation has not changed yet. The atmosphere of finding goods in the market is slightly cold. Traders follow the market with a small amount of goods, and the trading volume is general. Based on the expectation that it is difficult to change the supply-demand balance in the domestic market in the near future, market participants generally believe that the market can remain stable in the short term, but they cannot copy it, but they are obviously lack of confidence in the later price

Huangshan area:

the market price is yuan/ton, the high-end transaction level is slightly lower, and the trading volume is relatively small. Affected by the weak downstream demand, the operating rate of local solid epoxy resin factories is generally insufficient, and the enthusiasm for purchasing raw material epichlorohydrin is low. The mainstream transaction price is yuan/ton (the high price is the acceptance price). I heard that the delivery level of epichlorohydrin in some local factories is below 16500 yuan/ton, and the overall trading atmosphere in the market is slightly cold, with a slight decline in trading volume

North China:

the market price is yuan/ton, which is the transaction price of local factories in the north

import situation:

the negotiation atmosphere in the import market is cold, and the latest quotation has not been heard yet


the epichlorohydrin market continues to remain stable

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