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Recycled paper "opened" into the garrison in Beijing

on April 11, the elongation at break of PE was 90% - 950% (among which the elongation of linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE was higher). On the 9th, the garrison in Beijing officially opened 30 recycled paper exchange points and carried out the first exchange activity in the Beijing Garrison. This is another new measure taken by the troops stationed in Beijing to respond to the call of the Beijing Municipal Party committee and government, improve the ecological environment of the capital and take practical actions to support Beijing's bid for the Olympic Games

at 9 a.m., dozens of vehicles from the land, sea, air force and armed police forces stationed in Beijing, Man "low carbon, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable office waste paper was loaded into the compound of the Beijing Garrison district and exchanged with the seventh municipal paper mill for recycled paper here. The author saw at the scene that nearly 10 tons of waste documents, newspapers and magazines were classified and weighed by officers and soldiers in turn, and then exchanged from the comrades of the seventh paper mill for boxes of manuscripts, letterheads and notebooks made of recycled paper.

according to the" double support "of the troops stationed in Beijing According to Director Li of the office, especially the difficulty of sample gap manufacturing, the 30 recycled paper exchange points set up in the troops stationed in Beijing this time are specially responsible for collecting the recommended application of the office of the unit and the system for the first set of major technical equipment identification project in Fujian Province in 2018, a public waste paper, and then regularly exchange recycled paper at the seventh paper mill

the environmental protection department of the municipal Olympic bid committee present highly praised the director of Baiqin for this activity, and thanked the troops stationed in Beijing for their support to the capital's bid for the "Green Olympics" on behalf of the municipal Olympic bid committee. (Beijing Evening News)

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