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Recently, the PTA market has been generally flat. The market after the holiday is lighter than that before the holiday

the atmosphere of PTA East China market is flat. The quotation is mostly 8750 yuan/ton, and the actual negotiated price is 8700 yuan/ton, with few transactions. The market in South China is stable and the quotation is scarce. The delivery price in the Pearl River Delta is yuan/ton. The market supply is limited, the inquiry atmosphere is good, and the actual transaction is not much. The inquiry in the foreign market increased. The inquiry was 950 US dollars/ton CFR China. There were few foreign offers, and the intention of shipping offer was 960 US dollars/ton CFR China l/c90 days. The negotiation was flat

today, the PTA futures market of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange recovered comprehensively. The main contract ta707 opened at 8768 points and closed at 8932 points, up 154 points, with a maximum of 8946 points, a minimum of 8736 points and a settlement of 8850 points. Today, the futures market traded in a small volume, with 12558 transactions in ta707

market trend analysis: the PTA market has been generally flat recently, and the market will be lighter after the festival and the R & D/marketing centers will be successively set up in Shanghai, Germany and the United States. During the holiday, the continuous decline of crude oil and the consolidation of PX market have had a certain negative impact on the post holiday market. PTA market is kept clean due to upstream P (it is best to clean after each experiment); X consolidation, although the downstream price is strong, but the production and sales are reduced, the impact of scarce procurement, the price decline, coupled with the volatile situation of crude oil, PTA futures are facing delivery, selling led to a decline, and the trading volume of the essence chapter of tensile testing machine maintenance in the spot market is affected by it. However, with the settlement of the futures contract in May, the main month may rise in July, which will drive the spot market, coupled with better expectations for the PX contract price, There is a great possibility that other shipments in the outer plate will continue to rise, and market participants expect that the PTA market may still rise in the later period

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