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At present, 70% of the packaging materials used by Wal Mart, the world's famous retail giant, choose recyclable plastic packaging boxes instead of corrugated boxes

recyclable plastic packaging box is the first transportation material to realize standardization. Because of its consistent specifications, easy stacking, slots at the bottom, and better stacking stability than cartons, it has the advantage of standardization. It also has a strong display that users can solve other problems through the problems and faults of the equipment. The recyclable plastic packaging box has no top cover, so consumers can directly see the products inside, and there is no need to print patterns on the packaging, which saves a lot of printing costs and does not lose the marketing function of the packaging. Although the corrugated box has a strong protection function for commodities, its excellent compression resistance, puncture resistance and moisture resistance can not be compared with the recyclable plastic packaging box, and its appearance is very beautiful, but the corrugated box profit is getting thinner and thinner, and it is being challenged by the recyclable plastic packaging box

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