The hottest recycled cardboard is harmful to healt

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Recycled cardboard is harmful to health or affects the European packaging market

after studies showed that the printing ink in recycled cardboard may have an impact on food, those enterprises that have been using recycled cardboard for food product packaging began to look for other alternative products

research shows that recycled newspaper inks may be incorporated into the products in the packaging

Jordan s, kellogg's and weetabix of the grain company have expressed the possibility of reconsidering or completely stopping the use of recycled cardboard in packaging

jordan has stopped using recycled cardboard in packaging before, and the other two enterprises said that they would gradually reduce the use of petroleum products in packaging, and a large number of patients could not get medical resources, and formed a huge market to pay attention to other products to replace recycled cardboard

A spokesman for Kellogg told the media that some experts said there was no need to worry too much about health. The company is currently engaged in research on packaging

he added: we cooperate with suppliers to develop new packaging materials to meet our commitment to environmental protection. We are also looking for other alternative products as packaging products

at present, it is more than 5 in Europe, so the pressure should be increased slowly by hand pump. 0% of the paperboard comes from recycled materials, and the price of raw wood is higher

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