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Rectify the lunch box Market and ensure the health of consumers

recently, the Tianjin Jinghai County Bureau of quality and technical supervision organized and held a "Jinghai County disposable lunch box rectification training meeting", attended by Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the Beijing environmental protection tableware joint organization, Yuan Jingsheng, deputy head of Jinghai County, Liu Yonghe, director of Jinghai County Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Su Yunqing, deputy director Zhang Jing, the chief of the quality inspection department, and six enterprises, including representatives of enterprises engaged in disposable tableware in Jinghai County, Zhang Fengru, general manager of Tianjin Huanyu plastic products factory, and Xiao zengfa, general manager of Tianjin Yunlong plastic tableware Co., Ltd

the meeting was presided over by Su Yunqing, deputy director of Jinghai County Bureau of quality and technical supervision, and on behalf of Jinghai County Bureau of quality and technical supervision, welcomed and thanked the leaders, experts and enterprise representatives who came to the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Jing, the chief of the quality inspection department, analyzed the problems existing in the disposable lunch boxes on the market at present, and pointed out the problems existing in the quality of the lunch boxes at present: calcium carbonate, industrial paraffin and recycled waste plastics added to the production raw materials led to the serious excessive evaporation residue of the products; Poor performance, unqualified load, large volume deviation and leakage; Unqualified solubility; Low quality lunch boxes are ridiculously cheap. Many products cut corners, and the products leak oil and water, which do not meet the requirements of environmental friendly tableware, affecting the market of qualified products. During the meeting, director Liu Yonghe of the Quality Supervision Bureau made a concluding speech on the future rectification of Jinghai lunch box Market in combination with the actual situation of Jinghai County. He said that at present, with the strong cooperation of the quality supervision department, the quality of lunch boxes produced by some enterprises in Jinghai County has been significantly improved, but industry rectification and training is a long-term task, which is also the bounden duty of the quality supervision department. Jinghai Quality Supervision Bureau has made plans for the rectification of disposable lunch box enterprises, and will strengthen the training of relevant laws, regulations and standards of enterprises and the management of processing technology in future work, and invite relevant experts to explain, so as to obtain more information, improve the quality of enterprises, strengthen the awareness of self-discipline of enterprises, and produce qualified products; At the same time, strengthen the inspection, irregularly inspect the enterprises, strengthen the random inspection, and timely find and solve problems; Urge enterprises to carry out QS management and produce according to standards. How to become bigger and stronger depends on the guidance of experts, study meticulously according to the requirements of laws and regulations, and affirm the efforts made by the current enterprise. Director Liu also pointed out that the Quality Supervision Bureau will urge enterprises to improve their awareness through rectification and training, use qualified raw materials, ensure sanitary conditions, ensure the use safety of products, improve the requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation, and strengthen the promotion and utilization. This meeting will be taken as a starting point to lead Jinghai lunch box enterprises on the road of formal development

deputy county magistrate yuan Jingsheng expressed support and affirmation for this activity on behalf of the government. Deputy county magistrate Yuan pointed out that this activity is not only a turning point and milestone for enterprises in Jinghai County, helping the lunch box industry get on track and move towards a new level, but also for the quality supervision department to serve enterprises for a long time and make full preparations for the safe and healthy use of disposable tableware for the 2008 Olympic Games. Such processes have long been approved by FDA for medical purposes. Deputy county magistrate yuan also pointed out that the quality supervision department should regularly organize inspections, and the enterprise should formulate production plans to thoroughly improve the enterprise's production environment through the joint efforts of both sides. Jinghai County is a large traditional food county, which has a good development in vinegar, wine and dyeing industry. As a large food county, the use of disposable tableware is huge. At the same time, Jinghai is also a large county for the manufacture of disposable lunch boxes, so it is very necessary to rectify and train the lunch box industry. The government hopes that enterprises and experts can establish long-term contacts, organize acceptance and assessment of enterprises on a regular basis, and establish a perfect testing center through mutual cooperation between quality supervision departments and enterprises. Deputy county magistrate yuan also mentioned the "QS" certification, and proposed that enterprises should pay more attention to relevant industry information, standardize enterprises, establish their own brands, and put forward the requirement that enterprises cannot produce without certificates. "Every family goes too far, everyone goes too far". Targeted inspection and acceptance methods are made for each enterprise to ensure the standardization and health of the lunch box industry. Through the integration of resources, the lunch box industry can achieve long-term and stable development

Zhang Fengru, general manager of Tianjin Huanyu plastic products factory, delivered a speech on behalf of the enterprise. Tianjin Huanyu plastic products factory, as the first exposed enterprise of lunch box production in Tianjin, now also has a new production concept. Through successful rectification, it has gradually become a team in the formal lunch box industry. The relevant leaders of the county went to the plant to investigate in person, which moved the enterprise very much and increased the determination of rectification. At the same time, the enterprise also received the quality standards provided by environmental protection expert dongjinshi in production and gave correct guidance, which promoted the rectification process, and the product quality was rapidly improved, and indeed embarked on the road of healthy development. At the end of the meeting, dongjinshi, Secretary General of Beijing environmental protection tableware joint organization, made a speech. He analyzed the problems existing in the current tableware market through the development of tableware, and introduced the methods of identifying various inferior tableware boxes through the comparison of tableware boxes made of different materials. As a special expert, at the meeting, Secretary General Dong trained the national policies and regulations on disposable tableware, product testing standards and quality requirements for disposable tableware, raw material procurement, production formula and process, product packaging requirements, identification methods for the lifting button list of disposable tableware after simply touching the jaw seat, and the harm of fake and shoddy lunch boxes to human body, and explained the contents of the standard in detail. At the same time, targeted answers are given to the problems in the production process of the enterprise. At the same time, professional materials such as data compilation, commodity and quality weekly, China Packaging News, green publicity posters, environmental protection manuals, publicity display boards, etc. were provided to help enterprises understand and learn relevant industry knowledge, which played an important role in promoting the rectification and development of enterprises

the training meeting on the rectification of disposable lunch boxes in Jinghai County was successfully concluded with the promotion of the government and the quality supervision department. This meeting is a model of what kind of testing machine the government has used for the longest time. It is a model of mutual cooperation and mutual promotion between the government and enterprises, which reflects the high attention of the government and the quality supervision department to the rectification of disposable lunch box enterprises, as well as the concern about the healthy development prospect of the lunch box industry. It is believed that with the support of government departments, the guidance of experts, and the cooperation of enterprises, Jinghai lunch box industry can actively rectify, so as to achieve long-term, stable and healthy development. Source: China environmental protection tableware

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