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Recently, a light conversion agent technology for agricultural film has been introduced. The increasingly widespread use of agricultural film has greatly changed the traditional mode of agricultural production and has great social and economic benefits. For the majority of urban and rural residents, it is not surprising that off-season high-temperature heat sources, fire sources, open fires and other festival vegetables have become commonplace, and the "vegetable basket" has become increasingly abundant and life has been improved. For the majority of farmers, the use of agricultural film has increased their economic income and achieved better benefits

light conversion agent is a non-toxic and fluorescent substance synthesized by electronic chemical method. Its characteristic is that it can convert the ultraviolet light harmful to crops into infrared light beneficial to the growth and development of crops, promote the light cooperation of crops, reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal, improve its nutritional composition, and achieve the purpose of increasing production and early maturity. It is an ideal agricultural film additive

the light conversion film made by adding light conversion agent in the production of agricultural film has the effects of increasing greenhouse temperature, relative humidity, sunshine, increasing crop yield, shortening crop maturity, and so on

Beijing Longzhen Technology Development Co., Ltd. recently launched its national patented technology - light conversion agent for agricultural film and its manufacturing method. The light conversion agricultural film produced by this technology is a kind of multifunctional agricultural film with excellent performance. Its main economic indicators are: heat preservation and warming performance, which is more than 1.4 ℃ higher than ordinary agricultural film; Yield increase and value-added performance, covering cucumbers, leeks, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, beans, rape, radish and other vegetables, compared with ordinary film, the yield increase rate can reach more than 10%, and the value-added rate is more than 14%; Compared with ordinary agricultural film, the daylighting performance can increase the light intensity by 2000 ~ 50 lux, including oil cylinder, moving piston, oil cylinder end cover, hydraulic distributor integrated valve group, etc., so as to promote the photosynthesis of crops

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