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Recognition makes the world safer Guangdong Inspection and testing institutions have an average annual growth rate of more than 24%, ranking first in China

June 9 is the world recognition day. The theme of this year's world accreditation day in China is "certification and Accreditation - delivering market trust and serving market regulation", and the international theme is "accreditation: making the world safer". On the day of "world recognition day, the heat may not be lost", testing and certification activities have been held all over the country, focusing on the inspection and testing work in the new year. This provides directional guidance and guidance for the development of testing industry

certification and accreditation is a basic institutional arrangement to improve market efficiency under the condition of market economy, an internationally accepted trade facilitation tool and a world recognized national quality and technology foundation. As an important part of the national quality foundation, it plays an important role in ensuring safety, promoting development and helping transformation. At the level of certification and recognition, the expansion of testing market scale, continuous technological innovation, accelerated system improvement, and the construction of credit system are all in full swing

Guangdong: the number of inspection and testing institutions ranks first in the country

Guangdong is the most active region in the national certification and accreditation activities. According to incomplete statistics, there are 143 registered certification institutions in the province, 327000 valid certification certificates and 93000 certified organizations; By the end of 2017, there were 2592 certified inspection and testing institutions in the province, with a year-on-year increase of 15.3%. A total of 46.615 million inspection and testing reports were issued annually, and the above total data ranked first in the country

Jiangsu: innovation and breakthrough in intelligent certification technology

it is reported that in order to promote the innovative mode of certification audit, Jiangsu has integrated qualification verification, on-site intelligent verification, remote audit implementation, QR code tracing, online certificate authenticity identification, auditor intelligent tracking and other technologies. At present, the development of PC end and app end of "enterprise service certification cloud platform", "organization remote audit service cloud platform" and "certification and supervision service cloud platform" has been completed. "Enterprise service certification cloud platform" provides platform certification services for enterprises, including enterprise standard implementation, certification application, certification tracking, certificate download, authenticity query, service evaluation, etc

Changsha: build and improve the modern inspection and testing system

but the concentration of Chinese paper enterprises has increased

in recent years, Changsha has insisted on taking the real economy as the foundation and intelligent manufacturing as the overall undertaking, vigorously developed the inspection, testing and certification industry, and initially formed a modern inspection and testing system covering construction engineering, mechanical equipment, environmental quality, safe production, quality inspection and other fields. In the later stage, Changsha will rely on the demonstration area of the national inspection, testing and certification public service platform only in the backup power supply market of communication base stations, make every effort to build a national inspection and testing high-tech service industry cluster, speed up the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and promote high-quality economic development

Yantai: strengthen the credit construction of inspection and testing system

in 2018, Yantai Bureau of quality supervision will strengthen the promotion of certification and promote the quality improvement of the city with certification. Strengthen the construction of the credit system of the inspection and testing industry. Give play to the role of industry associations, strengthen industry self-discipline, crack down on unfair competition, and standardize the inspection and testing market; Explore the implementation of classified management in the supervision of inspection and testing institutions in the city, promote the construction of credit system, and provide high-quality inspection and testing public services and technical support for quality improvement

as a powerful starting point for transforming the government's quality management mode and improving the quality management ability, testing and certification work has a long way to go. Fortunately, the development level of certification and accreditation in China is at the forefront of development, and China is accelerating into the ranks of certification and accreditation powers. In the future, in terms of innovation ability, service output and institutional brand strength, China's certification needs to realize the transformation from catching up to surpassing

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