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Recently announced qualified pesticide products

recently announced qualified pesticide products

September 10, 2001

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of pesticides with the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles reaching 2million vehicles and the requirements of the notice on issues related to the approval of agricultural drugs issued by the general office of the State Economic and Trade Commission, The State Economic and Trade Commission recently announced the list of pesticide production approval certificates issued to 824 products that passed the examination. It is understood that the validity period of the pesticide production batch

approval certificate issued (replaced) this time is 5 years for technical drugs, 3 years for processed and compounded varieties (including 1 year for highly toxic varieties), and 1 year for

sub packaged products. The certified enterprise must indicate the production approval foam granulator certificate number and validity period on the product package

the name, category, production province, enterprise, approval number and expiration date of these products can be inquired on the national economic and Trade Commission (HTTP plastic extruder industry's international influence continues to rise://tc. speed is about 0.01~500mm/min)

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