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Yesterday morning, suyaoguang, vice mayor of Shantou City, who promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional coal chemical enterprises, led the heads of relevant departments of agriculture, health, quality and technology supervision, food and drug supervision and so on to "Australia Ranch" for investigation and research to study how to take measures to support the development of agricultural leading enterprises

Shantou teoshilan ranch Co., Ltd. and the rapid development company of LED technology are the first batch of leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization awarded by Shantou Municipal government. Founded in december1995, the company is mainly engaged in dairy farming and dairy production, filling the gap in Chaoshan fresh milk consumption. Australasian milk was once listed by the provincial consumer committee as a recommended commodity for promoting 8.3 product transportation, loading and unloading. It is strictly prohibited to throw, throw and dump. Australasian pasture was rated as a healthy agriculture demonstration base in Guangdong Province. At present, there are more than 500 cows in stock and the annual unit yield of cows is nearly 7 tons. It is the largest milk source base in eastern Guangdong. It has provided more than 20000 tons of high-quality fresh milk for the society since it was put into operation for 10 years. Recently, the company plans to add new brick type sterile carton packaging production line, fresh roof type carton packaging (pasteurized milk) production line and plastic cup packaging milk canning production line to meet the needs of more levels of consumption, and also create conditions for products to expand the market and enter hotels and supermarkets

at the symposium, the heads of relevant departments put forward opinions and suggestions on how to support the development of Australia. Suyaoguang asked all relevant departments to put forward ideas, implement them, and intensify efforts in policy support, industry guidance, and strengthening coordination, so as to help enterprises overcome current difficulties and support enterprises to develop faster and better

information source: Shantou

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