The hottest soda ash soared, and the glass price f

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"Soda ash soaring"? Glass prices fluctuated at a high level

market glass price performance:

in terms of production capacity, 430 tons of Weihai Bluestar line 4 was cold repaired this week, and the verification requirements for the coaxiality of the upper and lower collets and the indication accuracy of the experimental machine were improved. The kiln was ignited. Affected by the rise in market glass prices, since this year, 22 cold repairs have been resumed, 15 cold repairs have been discontinued, 9 new production lines have been built for ignition, and the net annual production capacity has been increased by 73.5 million. The fixture 70X70X20mm is used to connect m8x for heavy drawing Φ 206 measuring boxes, with an increase of 8. 52%。 With higher profits this year, there are more resumption of glass production, but considering the strengthening of environmental protection and other constraints, it is difficult to release more than expected in terms of production capacity. Later stage glass still depends on the demand side

summary and position suggestions:

the assurance of displacement accuracy at the end of the year is no problem. With the soaring demand of upstream soda ash, glass (1277, -11.00, -0.85%) has continued to rise since December. The main 1705 contract rose nearly 6% to 1365 yuan/ton last week, basically flat compared with January. With the contraction of construction at the end of the year, it is more and more difficult to transfer costs. Glass may remain high in the off-season market

in terms of spot goods, glass spot goods across the country rose moderately last week, but downstream purchases began to be cautious. North and central China rose 10 yuan/ton, while East China rose 20 yuan/ton. Supported by the demand for expediting work at the end of the year, the glass inventory of Mines fell anti seasonally. As of the 16th, the inventory of glass manufacturers across the country decreased by 290000 weight boxes to 30.79 million weight boxes, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 5%. However, considering that soda ash rose even more last week, the profit space of glass enterprises narrowed. Last week, the price of soda ash rose another yuan, corresponding to an increase of yuan in the cost of glass. The sharp rise of soda ash since November has greatly devoured the profits of glass factories. At present, glass manufacturers are making small profits. As the temperature fell and the start of work plummeted, spot transactions shrank significantly this week. Downstream procurement is mainly based on immediate purchase and immediate use, and the bullish enthusiasm is not high. Under the pressure of weak demand, the short-term upward momentum of glass came to an end early

in conclusion, with the support of high housing sales in the early stage, the short-term demand for glass is acceptable, and the seasonal fatigue inhibits the speculation of soda ash for the time being

the price of glass before the festival may fluctuate at a high level. In the early stage, multiple orders can reduce positions and take profits, and new orders will wait and see

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