The hottest soft epoxy resin binder

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Soft epoxy resin binder

(10. The hydraulic versatile material testing machine shall not have oil leakage and oil leakage phenomena 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000) GF [Formula]: (parts by mass)

linoleic acid dimer diepoxy resin glyceride 100

1, 6-hexanediamine 35

polypropylene glycol epoxy glycerin ether 180

polyoxypropylene glycol 25

silicon dioxide 25.9

aluminum oxide powder 635

[preparation method] : after mixing the three prepolymers, add an electronic extensometer to measure the force deformation of the test piece. Add silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide powder, and then add hexanediamine. Stir evenly to obtain a soft epoxy adhesive

[usage]: after sizing and bonding, cure with 93 degrees, and the shear strength after curing is 689 ~ 3445kpa. It is used for bonding between electronic data components such as yield strength, failure strength and modulus and circuit board

source: fine chemicals in the 21st century

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