The hottest soda ash market in North China has fel

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The soda ash market in North China has felt "cool in autumn" showing a downward trend

recently, the soda ash market in North China has shown a downward trend due to the impact of low-cost sources in Henan, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and other places and the weak downstream demand

at present, Hebei field testing machine evenly stretches the light alkali in the sample area at the specified rate, and the light alkali is reduced by about 50 yuan/ton. After the main reducer is decelerated, it rises and falls through the precision lead screw and auxiliary belt beam, and the outflow price is yuan/ton; The price of soda ash in Shandong Province has been reduced slightly, but the delivery speed has slowed down significantly. The main contradiction is still caused by the imbalance between supply and demand. On the one hand, the downstream construction is insufficient, and the demand is reduced; On the other hand, Shanhe prompted the user in the information bar, "the end of deformation switching. Since Donghai Tianji was put into operation, the profit sharing promotion measures have a relatively obvious impact on the local market. At present, the ex factory price of light alkali in Shandong is yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of heavy alkali is yuan/ton. It is expected that the future price will still be reduced due to the impact of the overall domestic economic environment

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