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Soft control was awarded the "2018 top 100 software companies in China" and the only one on the list in the rubber industry. On June 29, guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology and hosted by the China Electronic Information Industry Federation, the "2018 China top 100 software and information technology services comprehensive competitiveness conference" was grandly held

soft control shares are concerned that LWA wechat official account Co., Ltd. has become the only company successfully selected into the "top 100 enterprises" in the rubber and tire industry

- in recent years, with the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry to intelligence, China's rubber industry is also accelerating the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, and the demand of industrial enterprises for automation, informatization and intelligent transformation is also increasing

- driven by the situation, soft control has strengthened the research and development of software and information technology, and is more integrated with intelligent manufacturing. In 2016, it implemented the "turnkey project" of the world's first tire intelligent factory, and has accumulated a lot of experience in intelligent control, machine vision, human-computer interaction, equipment health management, safety and reliability

- soft control is one of the few enterprises in the rubber industry that have made in-depth research on software and information technology. Since 2000, for example, the effect of imitating leather has been quite in place. They have carried out innovation around tire manufacturing information technology. The main achievement is "tire life cycle MES information management system", which has been widely used in tire enterprises

- this system effectively solves the problem of the disconnection between the bottom control system and the upper management system of the tire enterprise. If the production plan of each process of the tire enterprise is not lit, the speed line optimization, early warning and traceability will not be displayed. It realizes real-time monitoring and improves the uniformity and stability of tire products

- after winning the title of "top 100 software enterprises", the spokesman of soft control said that it would continue to strengthen its sense of urgency, continue to deepen its integration with enterprises in the rubber industry, and help the rubber industry to transform and upgrade to intelligence

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