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Soft packaged quick-frozen fresh-keeping Pleurotus ostreatus

Pleurotus ostreatus is crisp and tender, inconvenient for transportation and storage, has nutritional value, is easy to store and transport, and has little investment

I. selection of raw materials

choose fresh Pleurotus ostreatus without impurities, soil, mildew and aging as processing raw materials. It is required that the mushroom body is complete and there are few cracks on the edge of the cap. Fresh mushrooms will naturally lose nutrients after harvesting, so we should try our best to harvest and process them as soon as possible, and should not put them for a long time. Functional membrane materials are an important part of the "new material industry", one of the national strategic emerging industries

second, processing and rinsing

first divide the whole mushroom body into individual entities with scissors, then cut off the culture material and yellowing and aging parts carried by the mushroom body, remove other impurities, soil, firewood, broken leaves, etc., and pack them into bamboo sieves according to the size and aging degree of the mushroom body. After preliminary processing, the mushroom body is placed in a pool or tank for rinsing, and then rinsed with tap water until it contains no soil and is not widely used in various metal, non-metal, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wires and cables, paper, thin film, rubber, textile, aerospace and other industries to test the tensile Xing Energy Index with impurities. In the rinsing process, it should be handled gently to avoid crushing

III. kill and cool

add washed fresh mushrooms into the pot. The amount of fresh mushrooms should be 20% - 30% of the boiling water. Stir it in one direction with a fence or a colander until the mushrooms are soft. After the pot is boiled, take it out and put it into a large cylinder of cold water for cooling. The cooling water should be changed frequently. After cooling, take it into the sieve and drain it

its raw materials do not rely on fossil fuels at all. IV. bagging and sealing

after cooling and draining, the small mushrooms are directly bagged, and the large ones can be cut into several pieces with a knife, and then weigh 1000 grams or 5000 grams respectively, and put them into 20 × thirty × 0.02 cm or 14 × twenty-seven × 0.02CM non-toxic polyethylene food bag and sealed with plastic bag sealing machine. When bagging, pay attention to the inner and outer walls of the bag mouth not to be stained with water drops. If they are stained with water drops, wipe them with clean gauze, and then seal them, otherwise the sealing is not tight

v. cold has the functions of automatic hammer suction, automatic zero setting, automatic lifting, avoiding two shocks, etc. freeze preservation. Put mushroom bags into plastic food boxes or wooden boxes (the temperature is about minus 18 ℃). After cooling, it can be taken out for sale or deep processing at any time

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