The hottest soda ash soared by nearly 60% in half

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Soda ash soared for half a month, with an increase of nearly 60%

in less than two months from the end of August to the middle of October, the market price of soda ash soared by 50%. In late October, the price of soda ash began a new round of soaring, with an increase of nearly 60% compared with the middle of October, exceeding market expectations

analysts believe that the operating rate of soda ash enterprises is still difficult to improve before the end of the year, while the demand for soda ash is strong, the enterprises receive full orders, and there is still room for product prices to continue to rise

the orders of major manufacturers are full

the data provided shows that before and after the East China Soda Ash conference held on October 25, several major soda ash companies have significantly increased the price of soda ash, up about yuan/ton from the middle of October. At present, the prices of light alkali and heavy alkali in East China have reached 2600 yuan/ton and 2700 yuan/ton respectively, up nearly 57% and 59% compared with 1650 yuan/ton and 1700 yuan/ton in the middle of the year, producing the best and safest products

on October 27, the price of Tangshan Sanyou light alkali was 2600 yuan/ton, and the price of heavy alkali was 2700 yuan/ton; The price of light alkali in Qingdao Soda Industry is 2800 yuan/ton, and the price of heavy alkali is 3000 yuan/ton; Huachang Chemical light alkali price 2700 yuan/ton, heavy alkali price 2800 yuan/ton; The price of Shandong Haihua light alkali is 2700 yuan/ton, and the price of heavy alkali is 2800 yuan/ton. People in soda ash enterprises said that at present, orders are full and there is no supply of new orders

panxiaoli, an analyst of China chemical industry, believes that the main reason for the rise in the price of soda ash is the tight supply caused by energy conservation and emission reduction

although the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice in September to correct the "one size fits all" piezoelectric and power limiting measures taken by many local governments to achieve the energy conservation and emission reduction goals of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the local governments used five times or more of the cost of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the power limiting policy continued. The efforts in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan and Northeast China were relatively large, resulting in low operating rates of soda plants in these regions

The effect of computer comes down to the collection, transmission, reaction, analysis, display and printing of test data

it is understood that Henan Jinshan Chemical Industry and other enterprises are affected to suspend production, and 40% of Henan Zhongyuan Chemical soda plants are under construction. At the same time, the soda plants of enterprises such as Shuanghuan technology are shut down for maintenance. In addition, the natural gas supply in Sichuan and Shaanxi is tight, the Asian Games is approaching, and the expectation of production restriction of enterprises in South China is becoming increasingly strong, The supply of foreign goods is expected to decrease, and many factors have caused the price of soda ash to rise

strong downstream demand

while the supply decreases, the downstream demand for soda ash is very strong. The market of glass and alumina industry has recovered, and the purchase of soda ash has increased, driving the market to continue to heat up; The international market demand is also improving, and the inventory of soda ash in the United States has fallen to a low level. Affected by the replenishment of inventory, the export of Chinese soda ash enterprises has rebounded

analysts believe that although the costs of raw salt and energy in the upstream have increased, the price difference between products and raw materials is expanding, and the profits of relevant enterprises will increase

listed companies with soda ash business include Qingdao Soda Industry, Shandong Haihua, Sanyou chemical, Huachang Chemical, Shuanghuan technology, Jinjing technology, etc

for the late trend of soda ash prices, analysts said that on the supply side, although the soda ash plants of enterprises such as Shuanghuan technology will restart in November, energy conservation and emission reduction will enter the sprint stage in the fourth quarter, and the power and production restriction policy is expected to continue. At the same time, the operating rate of automation system enterprises such as Qingdao Soda Industry will further decrease in November, so it is expected that the operating rate of soda ash enterprises will still be difficult to increase before the end of the year

in terms of demand, the output of glass and alumina downstream of soda ash will continue to grow, driving soda consumption

in addition, under the influence of inflation, production costs such as energy will increase, which will strongly support the price of soda ash. Therefore, the recent rise in the price of soda ash is the general trend, and it is expected to remain at a high level until the end of December

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