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Textile enterprises encounter difficult survival difficulties, forcing the "industry reshuffle"

textile enterprises in the Pearl River Delta: the survival difficulties force the "industry reshuffle"

"this year is the most difficult year." This is the general consensus of textile and clothing business owners in the Pearl River Delta. Under the domestic and foreign difficulties, most textile enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have realized that the reshuffle and adjustment of the textile industry are inevitable, and the upgrading and improvement of the entire textile industry is imminent

the export data in the first half of the year confirmed the statement of "the most difficult year". In the first half of this year, the export volume of textiles and clothing in Guangdong Province fell by 22.7% compared with the same period last year Rumors of the collapse of a large number of garment and textile enterprises in the Pearl River Delta began to appear in the society

in this regard, Zhou Tiansheng, Secretary General of Guangdong Textile Association, said that some small garment factories were mainly shut down or closed down. These small garment factories are small in scale, with little overall investment, and lack of product innovation ability and quality assurance. Under market pressure, the threshold for industry entry and exit is low, so they are ready to go. The textile enterprises in the Pearl River Delta now, due to the large investment in plant equipment, are prone to tens of millions of yuan. Textile enterprises will not easily stop production and exit. So far, there has been no collapse or shutdown of large textile enterprises

China Textile Industry Association joined the international textile manufacturers' Federation

Walter simeoni, President of the international textile manufacturers' Federation, announced here on the 28th that the recycled plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China. China Textile Industry Association officially joined the international textile manufacturers' Federation and performed the duties of national representative

simeoni said that China is the largest country in the world's textile production, consumption and export, and plays an important role in the world's textile industry. It is believed that with China's entry into the international textile manufacturing industry and the vigorous development of the plastic granulator technology suppliers' Federation that utilizes renewable energy and industrial waste heat, it will bring more opportunities for win-win cooperation to the global textile industry

Duyuzhou, President of China Textile Association, believes that the participation of China Textile Industry Association, on the one hand, enhances the representativeness and authority of the international textile manufacturers' Federation in the global textile industry, on the other hand, it is also conducive to the Chinese textile industry to better carry out exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts C) qualified products (c), It meets the needs of the development of textile (9) building block textile industry in the world today

On the 28th, the Ministry of science and technology, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the all China Federation of trade unions jointly released the list of the first batch of "innovative enterprises". After two years of pilot work, 91 enterprises including China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation were named as the first batch of "innovative enterprises" after evaluation

the pilot work of building innovative enterprises was launched in July 2006, and 287 enterprises were selected in two batches to carry out the pilot work. Innovative enterprises promoted by the three departments refer to enterprises that have independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands, have strong international competitiveness, and rely on technological innovation to obtain market competitive advantages and sustainable development

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