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Textile Expo: large scale, wide impact, strong effectiveness

Jinke bridge in May, Huifeng and industrial emission rate reached 90%, blooming and full of vitality everywhere

the three-day 2011 China Keqiao international textile surface Accessories Expo (spring) ended yesterday. Merchants from all over the world not only carry the fruits of the Textile Expo, but also bring back the enthusiasm of Shaoxing people, and spread the theme spirit of "green, quality and fashion" to all sides

this is a grand gathering of thousands of businessmen. 492 enterprises participated in 853 booths, and they showed their style to their heart's content. Dingji printing, red, green and blue textile, Yongjun lining, Zhongxin textile, Jiangsu silk, Hebei Jigao, Shanghai Taifu, Jinshu silk... These domestic famous textile enterprises gathered together and were amazing on the same stage

this is an international event. Inside and outside the exhibition hall, people of all colors come and go, and all kinds of languages fill their ears. In the first phase of this spring Expo, more than 20000 domestic and foreign businessmen from nearly 100 countries and regions, such as the United States, South Korea, France, Mexico, Italy and so on, came to purchase. In addition, 37 overseas enterprises from Mexico, Italy, South Korea, Germany and other countries ordered 46 booths. At the spring Expo, they and Chinese enterprises showed the charm of textiles

microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine is your better choice to count this Textile Expo with numbers: according to the statistics of the on-site access control system of the exhibition, 20363 professional purchasers were admitted to the three-day Spring Textile flour Accessories Expo, an increase of 9.3% over the previous session. This is also the first time that the number of exhibitors exceeded 20000 since the first phase of the spring Expo was held. Among them, there were 3327 overseas professional buyers, an increase of 28.1% over the previous session; During the Textile Expo, the turnover of products reached 3.859 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6% over the previous session

consideration of a "national" exhibition in the Textile Expo

the turnover of products reached 3.859 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6%. Such achievements are a consideration for the Textile Expo

Keqiao Textile Expo, held since 1999, is one of the longest running exhibitions in the industry. Relying on the foundation of the huge textile industry in China Textile City and Shaoxing County, Keqiao Textile Expo has been walking steadily all the way. However, under the upsurge of "secondary entrepreneurship" in China Textile City and the transformation and upgrading of textile industry, Keqiao Textile Expo also faces the problem of becoming bigger and stronger and improving itself. Shaoxing County Party committee and county government proposed to comprehensively improve the Keqiao Textile Expo from extension to connotation, and highlight specialization, internationalization and informatization as the way to solve it

in order to enhance the Keqiao Textile Expo, the Shaoxing County Party committee and county government issued several policies and measures to vigorously develop the exhibition economy, update the exhibition concept, introduce the advanced operation and management mode of modern exhibition industry, and increase the efforts of attracting exhibitions and investment. From the perspective of this spring textile Expo, the effectiveness has been significantly improved and the influence has become greater and greater, which has also attracted the high attention of relevant national departments. In October 2008, with the approval of the State Council, Keqiao Textile Expo was officially promoted to a national exhibition

it is understood that Shaoxing County is the first in China to hold a national textile exhibition in the county. "This is a great encouragement and spur for us to adhere to the success of Keqiao Textile Expo. On the one hand, it reflects that the influence and effectiveness of Keqiao Textile Expo have been recognized by the state and the textile industry; on the other hand, it also marks that Keqiao Textile Expo can graft more national, social and industrial resources and create more favorable conditions for comprehensive improvement." Zhujianming, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, believes that running the Textile Expo well is a major event in Shaoxing County's economy and society. In the face of the current new situation of increasingly fierce competition in the textile industry and textile exhibitions, while adhering to the direction of internationalization, marketization and specialization, the focus of the exhibition is shifted from expanding the scale to improving the standards, and the overall level of the Textile Expo is fully promoted to a new level

adhering to the purpose of "improving standards", the level of this Textile Expo, from purchasers to exhibitors, and even exhibition services, has improved over previous years. Starting from the recruitment of smaller private enterprises, this Textile Expo innovated the way of attracting investment, highlighted the recruitment of powerful and influential buyers, and the recruitment of well-known clothing and home textile buyers. For exhibitors, scientifically set access standards, expand the proportion of brand enterprises, and support the participation of creative enterprises and studios. Jiangsu silk, the largest manufacturer of differentiated composite fiber products in China, Hebei Jigao, the largest manufacturer of bamboo fiber products in China, and the Italian textile creative organization have also come...

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