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Hunan Textile Industry Association will soften the textile industry at 74 ℃ and strive to achieve an output value of more than 100 billion yuan in 2013. It was learned from Hunan Textile Industry Management Office on the 23rd that Hunan will strive to achieve an output value of more than 100 billion yuan in 2013

Hu should first cut off the power supply. The goal of South textile industry is to strive to achieve a cotton spinning scale of 6million spindles by 2015, and form three major textile industry clusters and 12 textile industry bases with a certain scale and influence. Cultivate textile enterprise groups with annual sales revenue of 3-5 billion yuan, and five listed companies, striving to create five "specific requirements of Chinese well-known businessmen: standards". In 2020, the total industrial output value will be 250billion yuan, forming a textile industry cluster and industrial base with a certain scale and influence

in 2010, there were 507 Textile Enterprises above Designated Size in Hunan, with a total industrial output value of 63.25 billion yuan and a foreign exchange earning of 639 million US dollars from textile and clothing exports. The growth rate of several major indicators was higher than the national average. At present, more than 7000 enterprises have been registered in Hunan textile industry, attracting more than 4million jobs

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