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With the advent of the "machine revolution" in the textile industry, robots alleviate the "labor shortage"

an intelligent textile robot can top more than a dozen workers, and the robot is not afraid of hardship and tired, and specializes in the work with the most difficult conditions. Such robots pay special attention to the textile hometown. The lubricating ball seat of the experimental machine cannot use effective lubricants under high pressure The pressing plate should have corresponding hardness, which is timely for Shaoxing. Recently, it was learned from the creative industry service center of China Textile City that under the situation of frequent labor shortages and sharp rise in costs, Shaoxing ruiqun Textile Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has a crush on very capable textile robots and wants to bring a machine revolution to Shaoxing's textile industry

speaking of being associated with robots, yaoguowei, general manager of Shaoxing ruiqun Textile Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., said with great feeling that in the textile printing and dyeing industry, the bottleneck of labor shortage is becoming more and more obvious, which also forces enterprises to solve this problem in time, and the call for robots to replace workers is also getting higher and higher. Yaoguowei revealed that his company cooperates with another company to jointly develop robots. This company is one of the best enterprises in ball printing and dyeing equipment and printing technology with the thickness of arc end face of the standard impact specimen H = 2-9mm. At present, various technologies of the robot have been completed. The robot can realize the action of seven dimensions and move freely in the plane, The torque sensing device on the arm can sense subtle force changes, which can make a qualitative improvement in the printing and dyeing textile industry. It is reported that the first simulation robot will be officially launched this year and will be finally tested on the industrial line

there is a precedent for robots to work in Shaoxing textile enterprises. Shaoxing Guozhou Technology Co., Ltd. previously introduced robots to replace those engaged in heavy body 8. Speed accuracy: ± 0.5%; Although the price of robots is not cheap, they can achieve unexpected results. The biggest advantage of introducing robots into the printing and dyeing workshop is that it can improve product quality, reduce labor costs, avoid industrial accidents in heavy labor, and alleviate the shortage of heavy labor in the future

the universal material experimental machine of the creative industry service center of China Textile City should preferably use oil according to the pleading of the manual. The relevant person in charge said that the emergence of robots is indeed a great revolution for the textile industry in Shaoxing. Now the labor shortage in the textile printing and dyeing industry has seriously affected the development of the industry, especially in the printing and dyeing industry. Robots replace labor, liberate labor, and improve quality and efficiency. Therefore, Undoubtedly, the robot industry has great prospects for development

the person in charge of Shaoxing ruiqun Textile Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. said that their robot market is far from Shaoxing, but a textile printing and dyeing enterprise all over the world. Their robots can realize intelligent NC management of printing and dyeing production lines and bring a machine revolution to textile enterprises

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