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Xinjiang's textile industry has ushered in major development opportunities

in the past year, Xinjiang's textile industry has conscientiously implemented the major policies and strategic measures on promoting Xinjiang's leapfrog development and long-term stability at the central Xinjiang work symposium and the National Conference on all admitted papers, and has made positive efforts to expand and strengthen Xinjiang's textile industry and enhance the overall economic strength of the textile industry, And achieved good results

over the past year, Xinjiang textile industry has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the central Xinjiang work symposium, straightened out ideas, worked hard, paid close attention to implementation, actively implemented the strategy of transforming advantageous resources, accelerated the adjustment of industrial structure, and promoted the overall production and operation of Xinjiang textile industry to show a good trend. The total output value of the textile industry in the region exceeded 20billion yuan, and the industrial added value reached 4.2 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5% year-on-year. The output of cotton yarn, the main product, increased by 8.3% year-on-year, and the output of combed yarn increased by 18% year-on-year. The comprehensive production and sales rate of the product is 98.43%, and the profit is more than 1billion yuan, reaching the best level in history

take advantage of the east wind to lift the sail of development in Xinjiang

the Xinjiang work symposium and the national counterpart support work conference held by the Central Committee in May 2010 are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to promote the development of Xinjiang. The autonomous region government also lost no time in issuing the notice of "fiscal and tax policies to speed up the development of the textile industry in the autonomous region", vigorously promoting the development of the textile industry in Xinjiang. The notice clearly stated that since 2011, if the textile enterprises in the autonomous region have implemented technological transformation, technological innovation and development of downstream products and received loan support from financial institutions, the Department of Finance and the Commission of economy and information technology of the autonomous region will provide discount financial support after the application of the enterprises. The Department of Finance and the Commission of economy and information technology of the autonomous region allocate no less than 20million yuan from the special fund for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises every year to support the newly established textile enterprises in the autonomous region. Since 2011, the Department of finance of the autonomous region has given a certain amount of transportation cost support to Xinjiang cotton textile enterprises for more than 32 yarns (including 32 yarns) produced and sold to the mainland with Xinjiang cotton as raw materials. Textile enterprises newly established in difficult areas of the autonomous region that fall within the scope of the catalogue of key encouraged development can enjoy the policy of "two exemptions and three reductions by half" of enterprise income tax, and the local share will be exempted during the period of halving. These measures have greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of textile enterprises in developed regions and attracted a number of well-known enterprises to invest in Xinjiang

the textile industry in Xinjiang actively provides services for the well-known enterprises in the counterpart provinces to visit Xinjiang, actively contacts with the relevant departments and enterprises in the counterpart provinces, propagandizes the spirit of the central Xinjiang work symposium and various policies to support the development of the textile industry according to the working conditions, introduces the advantages and investment environment of the development of the textile industry in Xinjiang, and timely completes the information communication and service work, In particular, we should strengthen the contact and communication between enterprises in eastern provinces with developed textile industry, such as Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places

in 2010, the well-known enterprises that invested and expanded their investment in Xinjiang mainly include more than 10 enterprises, including Zhejiang Tiansheng group, Zhejiang Huafu group, Zhejiang Youngor company, Zhejiang Juying company, Zhejiang jieliya group, Zhejiang Yongxiang group, Henan Xinye Textile Group, Zhejiang Fulida company, Jiangsu Huafang group, which are monopolized by a few European and Japanese brands. These well-known enterprises have played a good demonstration and driving role for many enterprises entering Xinjiang

it is more important to be included in the Xinjiang technological transformation guidance plan in 2010; There are 30 textile projects in the project, of which 9 are listed in the major project plan of the economic and Information Technology Commission of the autonomous region, and 11 textile projects have been supported by the special funds for technological transformation of the autonomous region

2010 was the year when the autonomous region gave the greatest support to the textile industry, and the special funds won by the industry were the highest in previous years. These supports have strongly promoted the implementation of the project. Xinjiang textile increased the cotton spinning production capacity by 800000 spindles throughout the year, making the cotton spinning scale reach 4.8 million spindles, the air spinning reach 100000 heads, the viscose fiber capacity reach 700000 tons, and the industry exceeded the investment plan of 3 billion yuan

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