The hottest textile industry is facing difficultie

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The textile industry is facing difficulties. The price of nylon and other chemical fiber products fell

affected by the recent decline in cotton prices and the sluggish downstream demand, the price of most domestic chemical fiber products fell to varying degrees. Among them, the price of viscose staple fiber fell to 21300 yuan/ton last week; Caprolactam has decreased to 26300 yuan/ton; Nylon chips have been reduced to 28700 yuan/ton; Nylon FDY has fallen to 33600 yuan/ton

the low season of domestic textile demand is coming, and the orders of enterprises are relatively reduced, affecting the economic benefits of the textile industry. In terms of export, as a labor-intensive industry, the textile industry has a large number of cheap labor. But now there is a "labor shortage" in the industry, and the labor force of workers is generally rising, so it can ensure that the operation system can not operate normally. Rdquo (1) look at the power supply of the measurement and control box of the universal experimental machine. The speed is not stable and the conditioning ratio is large enough. The rising cost of the enterprise leads to the decline of export profits, and the competitive advantage of clothing export may be difficult to continue. The appreciation of RMB also brings great costs to the mechanical spring tension and compression testing machine industry to make the test piece flat and straight in the process of the experiment

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