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The 12th machine tool Expo held the Industrial Development Summit Forum. On the afternoon of October 12, as one of the activities of the 12th Ma'anshan (Bowang) machine tool and blade mold Expo, the Industrial Development Summit Forum was officially held. The theme of the forum was "smart manufacturing innovation". Zhang Liqun, researcher of the Macroeconomic Research Department of the development research center of the State Council, Zhang Chenghui, former director of the Financial Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, and Tu Jingxian, director of the marketing department of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, were invited to make keynote speeches

Zhang Liqun analyzed the internal and external environment of industrial development from the perspective of the current macroeconomic situation and policy orientation, and proposed that we should adhere to the implementation of active fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, improve the foresight, flexibility and effectiveness of the policy, strengthen the efforts to make up for weaknesses in the field of infrastructure, and implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization

Zhang Chenghui analyzed the recent trend of China's financial policy, and believed that there are two focuses to promote the financial industry to better serve the real economy. One is to develop Inclusive Finance, support small and medium-sized and micro enterprises, "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" and "going global" financing, and the other is to stabilize the economy and ensure the stability of the financial system. Local governments should strengthen the construction of social integrity

Tu Jingxian analyzed the development trend and future trend of the machine tool industry in combination with the statistical data of the National Bureau of statistics and the key contact enterprises of China Machine Tool Industry Association in the first seven months of this year. He believes that the operation of the machine tool industry is generally stable and good, but the loss of enterprises has increased month by month since April this year. This phenomenon contrary to the overall situation deserves our close attention and research

at the forum, the cost of tension machine of Shanghai Jiaotong University Bowang high-end CNC Machine Tool Research Center, Ma'anshan CNC Equipment Research Institute of Nanjing Institute of engineering, Hegong big bag was no more than 15 yuan, and the production, study and research institutions such as Bowang automation intelligent equipment research institute, Donghua University high-end CNC equipment research and reduction of electric contact also released their latest research results

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