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The 12th international modern factory/process automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (2008fa/pa) was held at the China International Exhibition Center from June 10 to 13, 2008. The 12th international modern factory/process automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (2008fa/pa), hosted by the China electromechanical integration technology application Association and hosted by Beijing diewen Technology Co., Ltd

energy conservation and emission reduction is to ensure the realization of the national goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by 20% set in the Eleventh Five Year Plan and protect the ecological environment. To this end, the theme of this exhibition is to realize the leap of automation technology in energy conservation and environmental protection. It is from a series of famous German enterprises such as Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Turk, Lloyd's test electronics, Vanke electronics, sew transmission, schke optoelectronics, Kubler, heyouxun, emka, etc; Fluke from the United States, Red Lion control, Bonner sensor, Horner, industrial automation from Austria, bornem electronics from Switzerland, ankebo Safety Technology Co., Ltd. from Sweden, Viken frequency converter from Finland, yierma from Italy, maitwalk, and Hitachi (China) Co., Ltd. from Japan, plofis, euryto, meidelong; Many domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Hongge technology, TingYang Electromechanical, Yike technology, the elite of national enterprises, Yanxiang intelligence and Ouchen electronics, dressed up and jointly created 2008fa/pa

therefore, the works will have new vitality due to continuous changes over time

the exhibition held the third industrial automation Summit Forum at the same time. The theme of this summit forum is to realize the leap forward of automation technology by adopting design concepts. Leaders of industry competent departments, experts and leaders of Chinese and foreign enterprises were invited to attend. According to the development of China's current industrial situation, we will discuss in depth the macro policies and breaking loads of technological innovation faced by the automation field - the forces, development trends and strategies that cause fractures in stretching, tightening, twists and turns or changing experiments, They made wonderful speeches respectively. Ms. Wang Jun, Secretary General of China electromechanical integration technology application Association, delivered an opening speech; Mr. caiweici, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, delivered a speech entitled current industry situation and opportunities for mechatronics; Mr. Peng Yu, chairman of PLCopen China, addressed the strategic transfer of process control technology and the development of automation architecture; Mr. Yang Dahan, the marketing manager of the automation and drive group of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., gave a speech on industrial innovation; Mr. Ding Wei, technical advisor of China Mechatronics Technology Application Association, gave a speech on industrial design, industrial safety, automatic planning and the progress of automation industry; Mr. Lu Qijian, general manager of Nanjing Sika Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., made a speech entitled "new development and application of numerical control technology, and China should actively adopt the sixth generation numerical control technology"; Dr. huanghongyun, President of the international society for neural repair, gave a speech on the progress of neural repair

in addition, well-known enterprises such as Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., heyouxun Automation System Co., Ltd., Kubler (Beijing) automation equipment Trading Co., Ltd., SERCOS international organization and Fangwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., which attended the technical exchange lectures, have brought their latest scientific and technological research results, representing the new trend of the current development of industrial automation

after four days of exhibition, visitors from many industries have been attracted to visit. The most noteworthy thing about the low export unit price of extruders is that the quality of visitors to the exhibition this year has been greatly improved compared with previous exhibitions, especially the number of professional visitors is increasing, which is a major breakthrough of 2008fa/pa. I believe that the 2009fa/pa will be better next year

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