The 12th Longgang printing industry expo was succe

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The 12th Longgang printing industry expo was successfully held

on October 15, 2010, the 2010 China (Longgang) printing industry expo and the 12th Longgang International Printing Industry Expo were grandly opened in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Wu Wenxiang, honorary chairman of China Printing Technology Association, Tan Junqiao, Senior Consultant of China printing and equipment industry association Lu Jinfa, chairman of Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association, Yang Jinxi, chairman of Hong Kong printing chamber of Commerce, sun Jiaxi, chairman of Zhejiang printing association, Yao Jiandong, chairman of China Special Paper Association, chairman of Shanghai Huidong Paper Group, Huang Lianguang, general manager of Heidelberg China Limited Shanghai Representative Office, Zhang liangxiao, general manager of Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging group sales company, Sha Xiaoming, chairman of Jiangsu Changsheng Group Caiwanqing, chairman of Sanxin group, and relevant leaders of Wenzhou City, Cangnan County and Longgang town governments attended the opening ceremony. Wu Wenxiang delivered a congratulatory speech and the vice mayor of Wenzhou delivered an important speech

Zhang Fangzhang, vice mayor of Wenzhou, pointed out in his speech at the opening ceremony that this Expo is not only a golden card to show Cangnan's industrial image and a big window to the world, but also an important carrier to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Wenzhou's printing and gift industry and promote the development of industrial clusters. Through the successful holding of previous sessions, the Expo has gradually developed into a professional exhibition with certain influence. It fully shows the good image of the participating enterprises, the overall synergy of the printing gift industry in our city, and the strong development momentum of the printing gift industry in our city. Zhang Fangzhang pointed out that the printing and gift manufacturing industry is also a major cultural industry in our city. Under the new situation of promoting scientific development and promoting the transformation of development mode, the key to the transformation and upgrading of printing and gift industry is to give products more cultural connotation, and the key is to work hard on the integration of design, research and development, marketing and industrial chain. He hoped that through the successful holding of this Expo, Cangnan would better show the brand-new charm of the printing and gift industry in our city, promote better exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign peers, deepen the understanding and understanding of Wenzhou and Cangnan gb/t 3103.3 ⑵ 000 fastener tolerance flat washer, and enhance the feelings and friendship between them. At the same time, Cangnan should give full play to its local industrial advantages, talent advantages and cultural advantages, accelerate the construction of regional brands, accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, accelerate the innovative development of characteristic industrial clusters, effectively improve the industrial competitiveness and the comprehensive strength of the county economy, demonstrate the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of Wenzhou's traditional industries, and make new contributions to creating a new situation of Wenzhou's scientific development. It is understood that this Expo is jointly hosted by Wenzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Cangnan County People's government and Longgang Town People's government, and jointly undertaken by Sanxin Group Wenzhou Kechuang economic and Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd., Wenzhou printing industry stress variation association with sinusoidal waveform over time, and Sanxin Group Zhejiang Sanxin printing materials Co., Ltd. what should we pay attention to? It aims to fully display the exciting scene of the vigorous printing industry in the post crisis period at this stage through on-site display of printing industrial products, information transmission, technical communication, cultural exchange and other activities. At the same time, the Expo adheres to the purpose of connecting and communicating production, development, scientific research, consumption and other links, builds a platform for resource sharing and complementary advantages, and strives to establish an international, diversified and professional Expo that attracts the attention of the industry. The Expo has a special area for sheet fed technology and solutions, high-end post press equipment and technology exhibition area, China Printing City boutique exhibition area, China's first international special paper exhibition, digital printing and prepress CTP exhibition, China Packaging Machinery City Wenzhou brand exhibition and other exhibition areas. In addition, the exhibition attracted nearly 320 exhibitors from the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan and other countries, as well as more than 20 cities in China. The on-site transaction reached more than 46 million yuan, the intended transaction volume reached 230 million yuan, and the audience reached 32000 person times, thus truly becoming the most popular and effective brand printing exhibition in East China

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