CSIRO fears new wave of extinctions due to invasiv

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CSIRO fears new wave of extinctions due to invasive species - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Australia is facing a brutal new wave of extinctions but there’s still time to limit how many native species are killed off by foreign invaders, the CSIRO has warnedWe looked throug.

The national science agency has released a reportrenewin, Fighting plagues and predators – Australia’s path to a pest and weed-free future, detailing what the country has already lost – and stands to lose in the future – to an army of exotic enemies.

The numbers are sobering, both in terms of ecological and financial lossesThe directive requires 14 hospitals i.

Invasive species have played a role in wiping out 79 native animals and plants sinceb41bfad3-b8b3-4c39-9f2f-7a1947c955fe?European settlement.

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